Introverted Girl Summer


Remember Live Journal? I loved that website. Of course I have a physical journal I try to write in when I’m feeling my feelings..but having anyone be able to read it is more fun. This is my website and I can say whatever the fuck I want. Really though, It’s actually therapeutic to write about life. You don’t have to be Hunter S. Thompson to open your computer and jot down some thoughts. They’re your thoughts and they’re important. Usually!

Last month, the motivation to paint wasn’t all there. A week or 2 would go by and I didn’t even pick up a brush or a pencil.  That’s natural though. A lot of Artists go through creative funks like I do.  Life can get hard, especially during this time.. We gotta be kind to ourselves and ride this roller coaster. If you don’t feel like making anything, it’s OK. If you need a little time to yourself, it’s OK. Over the years I’ve been getting better at disciplining myself, snapping out of it and getting back in my chair. Many Artists suffer from self doubt and depression, but when you don’t feel it going away..that’s when you step back, get out into nature, hug a dog, listen to happy music, or jump in the water at the beach. That is always the cure. Then, go back to your work with new eyes and a new perspective. Maybe you will be more inspired than before! Continue Reading »


Art Advice & Other Stuff

   Are these weeks flying by or is it just me? I can’t believe February is half way over! It feels like it was just New Years Eve! Anyway.. This week was good for me, a little slow to be honest but I have a number of projects in line that I’m trying to organize and prioritize. As a professional Artist, I have jobs, commissions, portraits, ashtrays, tie-dye sweaters, all coming at me in every direction – so it’s important to filter through the ones that are worth my time, and make sure I send orders out on time.

  Thankfully my Tie-Dye side of biz is really booming! People are loving their sweaters and it’s really opening my mind to new ideas. Eventually I’ll screen print my actual art onto apparel, but for now, dyeing takes a lot of time and my logo keeps it simple. I’m able to make a custom, wearable piece of art for anyone. It’s cute, fun, and at the same time I’m promoting my brand! Continue Reading »


Hey Guys!

I’m putting WAY more time into my career lately.  Thankfully I’ve had less distractions and spending hours to myself (agreeably everyone has) so I’ve taken this time to be as productive as possible. It’s really such an interesting time because we’re forced to be secluded, which forces us to self-reflect. I just turned 34, and it feels great. I already know it’s going to be a weird age. I’m old enough to know better, but I’m young enough to not know everything. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of painting at home working on commissions and non-commissions. My dad gave me a guitar for Christmas so I’ve been learning how to actually learning. I’ve been watching Youtube beginner videos, practicing new chords, and got a few songs down – I get to hang out and play with my dad since he’s a beast on the guitar! I’ve been reading a lot more too. Books on how to release negativity from your life. Books on how to live as a professional artist. Classic books. I’m a happier person when I’m a regular reader.  Also, I’ve been dabbling with photography all summer! I’ll create a post just of the film I’ve developed. I’m an amateur but I’m not bad!

I’ve been steady with work – my dog is happy and healthy. Lots of hikes and exercise is part of my day.  Health is a big thing I want to keep up on. I’ve been selling a lot of tie-dye sweatshirts for people which is cool! My hands are dyed every color and my nails are dry from making so many! It’s actually pretty fun to see how each piece comes out..they are all one of kind. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years now, and I’m finally getting the hang of it!

I have lots of ideas brewing and figuring out what direction I want to go in with my artwork. I’m still winging through life on my own, not too sure of what I’m doing.. but I think I’m going down the right, positive direction. I feel excited and motivated more than ever because nothing is holding me back right now. All I have to worry about is not creating excuses to get where I deserve to be.

Enjoy my photobomb of random pics of me, nature, my dog, and work:


Hand-Painted Plant Pots by Pau!

During the quarantine, I’ve been feeling creative and trying new things.

I love taking care of my plants and always looking for cute pots for them.

That’s when I thought, why not paint my own?

So far I’ve made Mountain Majesty pots in different colors, and a Spot Pot

with funky colors. I’ll be posting more designs within the next few weeks,

plus photos of upcoming art projects I’ll be working on.

Stay Safe out there and remember to wash those hands!


Mountain Majesty Plant Pot:

Spot Pot: