Art Advice & Other Stuff

   Are these weeks flying by or is it just me? I can’t believe February is half way over! It feels like it was just New Years Eve! Anyway.. This week was good for me, a little slow to be honest but I have a number of projects in line that I’m trying to organize and prioritize. As a professional Artist, I have jobs, commissions, portraits, ashtrays, tie-dye sweaters, all coming at me in every direction – so it’s important to filter through the ones that are worth my time, and make sure I send orders out on time.

  Thankfully my Tie-Dye side of biz is really booming! People are loving their sweaters and it’s really opening my mind to new ideas. Eventually I’ll screen print my actual art onto apparel, but for now, dyeing takes a lot of time and my logo keeps it simple. I’m able to make a custom, wearable piece of art for anyone. It’s cute, fun, and at the same time I’m promoting my brand!

I have a neighbor I just spoke with – he was having trouble paying rent after moving to LA during the pandemic and asked me how I make ends meet. I felt for the dude. I was 24 once. I’ve had to move back and forth to and from my parent’s house, grandparent’s house, friend’s house, sister’s house. Everyone. Anyone who could take me. I’d sleep on couches. I’d rent rooms. I’d move in, move out. Living in LA as an Artist is NOT easy. It’s an everyday hustle. I used to have job after job – as a waitress, a makeup artist, whatever I could find, whatever I could do. Then finally my art business picked up, so I could focus on that mostly, but I’d still pick up “odd jobs”- maybe I’d help a mom organize her kitchen- or assist an interior designer with creative tasks. But when I do those things, I make sure I show my art to anyone and everyone. I need them to see what I do and that I’m available for work. I network and usually that is why I have people always hitting me up for gigs. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Be positive, be communicative, show the World that you’re good at what you do and jobs will come. Don’t pity yourself or cry that you haven’t “made it” yet. Don’t make excuses or push opportunities aside because you’re deep down scared or insecure. Take every job that seems to be worth your time, don’t ever work for free. This city is extremely expensive to live, so don’t feel bad when you gotta work a part-time job, or take up tasks that can get you some money in your pocket. You do what you gotta do to pay for your art supplies, keep a roof over your head, and food in your belly. Do the best you can ( your 75% is probably better than a lot of other’s 100%), gain experience, and keep your connections clean. This big city is really a small town, and everyone knows eachother. Also, DO YOU! Don’t compare yourself to other artists, or worry about what your peers are doing. Create what you want when you want, and hold yourself accountable for that. Be honest and professional with your work, and you’ll have a great career as an Artist.

After 15 years I’m still trying to figure it all out! I’m far from where I want to be and have many more moves to make..but I’m enjoying the process and learning through it all!

I keep my space clean and try to keep it clutter free. Even though it definitely becomes a mess sometimes! It helps to think clearly and I feel it helps me work better. I’m going to be posting a roll of film to really show off my art studio, but here are a couple..

This is what my place actually looked like once orders started rolling in. My kitchen and bathroom get taken over!

My kitchen has turned into my office!


This is a new job I’ll be starting very soon.. The new Salt’s Cure BREAKFAST in Santa Monica! I’ll be painting something pretty large on that brick wall… not sure exactly what yet. Also I’ll be painting their front sign!

This is a sneak peek sketch of a logo I’m doing for a big film production company:

The company is called Velvet 76.. we’re going to go with a classic hollywood, Art Deco kind of look.

      Golds, Maroon,’ll be a lot different so I’ll update photos once I can!


I also started a weird but fun project using my “peeled off” dried paint from my palette. I dunno where I’m going with this but I like that it’s all about texture, and color.


This is a pet portrait I’m working on but still not done with it yet…. I thought I’d be done with it last week but, sometimes I’m wrong and a canvas needs more time/love/attention. Sometimes my eyes need a break from looking at it for days! When you hit that point and come back with fresh eyes, it boosts your ability to figure out what was blocking your vision in the first place! I’ll finish this week for sure.

Check out some cool pictures my customers sent me!

It makes me super happy when people love wearing my PAU merch. I’m excited to make new stuff and even get experimental.. so many colors, so many styles! I have bodysuits on their way.. and Sweatsuits! Pillows! Hats! Stickers! Fanny Packs? Maybe! I love it all!  Thank you to anyone who is rooting for this brand to pop off!

Check back with you next week!