Cool Blue Walls For Thick Skin Podcast

 The “Before” pictures:

thickskin thickskin

These are the “After” pictures:


I took some “in-between” pictures to show the process:

At first I tried blending the 3 colors on their own but it turns out, I had to mix each color together to  get the right outcome.


There is still more to do! Decorating is also a fun part to redesigning a space.

I’ll update a post with the finished version eventually! It’s quite difficult furniture shopping and getting art supplies while we self-isolate. I’m taking one day at a time and doing what I can. The old podcast room was right next to the blue one, so we turned it into Jeff’s “High- School” Style Guest room using art and furniture from around the house.




Thick Skin

For inquiries:

Purple Mountains Majesty

This past week I had the most fun project with one of my best friends!

Jenny lives on the west side of LA and has a very boho, spiritual vibe

going on in her home. She wanted to paint something cool in her bedroom

but not have anything too busy. We thought about a few different ideas

until we came up with a mountain majesty scene in different shades of mauve. I’ve done

something similar before so I knew I could make it look right. It took me half a day

(and half a bottle of wine!) to get the first base done. The next day I drove back over

to finish up the details.

Jenny was very pleased with the final look, and so was I! It really does

look beautiful and fits Jenny’s personality perfectly.

On to the next project!

Custom Ashtray Art by Pau

Order your own custom ashtray!

Choose anything from a pet portrait, a family photo, a gift, your favorite kids cartoon or sports team..a scene from a movie, your kids, my logo..Whatever you want I can do!

Take a look through my gallery of commissions below:

Mountain Range Mural in Hollywood


Breakfast by Salt’s Cure


If you’ve tried the food at Salt’s Cure, you know it’s good! They opened a restaurant called BREAKFAST, and their griddle cakes are pretty ridiculous. They hired me to paint over the side entry walls with a new, clean hand-painted sign.

I’m happy with the way it came out!


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