Artist: Soussan Haroni

Β THIS made my day.

My friend’s mother is an AMAZING artist. She painted one of my photographs I took in Costa Rica!

I just found out today and wanted to share – Nothing is better than inspiring someone to be creative!

You can hardly tell which is the photograph!

cows DSCN0225


Back in the Studio

I spent the day today organizing and cleaning out my studio, getting rid of junk and putting things in order. It feels so good! I’m actually excited now to work. Not that I’m ever not excited to work but as an artist it’s nice to know where things are.

I found these 2 prints of art by Robert Longo at Out of the Closet for 5 bucks each. Very cool. Very 90’s.

I’m painting the Game and Citizen Cope in progress

His new album is dope

Close up of my Bulb Lady.. I need to come up with a better name for her


I tend to lose every passport in every country I visit

I keep every card that is given to me.. and keep toys with missing button eyes

A printed photo of this guy named Patrick. He lives on the street here in L.A. near my house – he’s a really nice guy. I’ll be painting his portrait in the near future

I’m still on Hawaii time so I’ll be up late drawing more PAU shirts .. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

Stay cool!




This is a commission I have been working on; the women in a friend’s family. Β I don’t usually take on jobs doing portraits of people but lately I’ve been into it. I guess people can change. I’ll post the finished piece soon..