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L.A.V.C Logo


I’m happy Dima is happy about his new logo I painted in the lobby of LAVC.

I started off wondering how would be the best way of doing this… There were more sharp edges so I thought the best way for me could have definitely been to use a projector, but I didn’t have that. So freehand it was.. It turned out great!

Get your meds from these guys!! They really are the best! Good vibes only.







House Goals

I’ve collected photos of some of my favorite decorated rooms –

I hope they inspire you the way they inspire me!


Pet Portrait: Ryan O’Neal

Pet portraits

I did a special portrait of Ryan O’Neal’s best friends Mozart and Raven! To make it more personal for him,  I added his green patio cushion and view of the ocean in Malibu. He loved it! I’m so happy to bring joy to someone’s life through my art. Nothing beats it!

Enjoy, Ryan!


Stuff & Stuff Podcast


My friend Jonathan Latt wrote his first book The Geek, and asked me to paint the cover for it! He directed me to make a hand-drawn map of the World, with Dungeons/Dragons dice thrown across it, and the protagonist’s favorite killing knife set in a bird’s eye view.

He had me as a guest on his new podcast called Stuff & Stuff – an hour conversation with a person of his choice to talk about “stuff”.

Check it out in the link below!

Stuff & Stuff Podcast with Pau

Eye Candy

Trippy animation for Dan Deacon’s song “When I Was Done Dying” off his latest album Gliss Riffer.

Animators in order of appearance:
Jake Fried
Chad VanGaalen
Dimitri Stankowicz
Colin White
Taras Hrabowsky
Anthony Schepperd
Masanobu Hiraoka
Caleb Wood