Santiago, Chile: Day 2

 Jet-lag didn’t hit me as hard here as my Japan/Thailand trip. We were vampires for a good week out in Asia. Here, I woke up at about noon and felt pretty normal!

My dad and Michelle picked me up  for lunch at Da Dino’s– the cheesiest, most delicious pizza in the city by far!

We ordered Salmón Ahumado and Hawaiano!  Yum.


We all had a good 2 hours catching up on life .. Drinking good beer..


the Original Capitan Memo


It was a pretty relaxed day, took some shots of the city’s buildings– Chileans love architecture!


Here’s a new, pretty one in the center of it all


Chileans also love to make a quick buck — they will entertain you at every red light by dancing, playing with fire, cheerleading, comedy acts – lo que sea!


We then went to the new GINORMOUS mall in Providencia – 7 levels! It’s a great mall actually, they’re catching up with a lot of stores from the U.S. like Steve Madden, MAC Cosmetics, Aldo, H&M .. they even have a machine in the parking lot that finds your car when you forget where you parked.  Catch up America!


I ended up having a mellow night at home and caught up on good sleep.

On to day 3!