Palm Springs Getaway : Le Parker Meridien

Pau at Parker Meridien- Palm Springs

 If you ever want to get away for a couple days with Sunny weather all year round – Palm Springs is the place to go. Over-sized orange doors opened by doormen with pink jackets – Le Parker Meridien really stood out thanks to designer Jonathan Adler. His design mantra that guided his first hotel project : “To unite happiness and chic.” I thought I’d take a a few blog-worthy pictures !

Day 4: Bellas Artes


Today I went to  Bellas Artes, which is sort of like the “Brooklyn” of Santiago. The artsy ‘hip’ area of the city  ..

We checked out the museum first..

“Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte”





This painting is called “Cabeza” (Head) — I like the chaotic colors and the movement in this piece so much



Self-Portraits on a Mac computer mixed together to make 4 huge pieces?






 This is by Klaudia Kemper – An older crazy Chilean/ Brazilian artist who grew on me the longer I looked








 Paper Maché eggs and strange paintings that actually go great together

(Klaudia Kemper)

eggs carne


art art2



A mural of a city in a clothing store — love the simplicity! 



 Heading home.



 Providencia, Santiago is my second home.

This time of year is so wonderful because the weather is perfect and the trees are so green !

During the week everyone either walks or rides their bike.

I, myself, am walking to Starbucks in this photo.. so American!




Day 3: Ten Year Reunion



fun3 fun4 fun7 fun8 fun5 fun9 fun11 fun12 choclo fun13 flash




rod andrea






My Best ceviche of my life– Don’t eat the pepper !

Restoran Pachamama

(Antonio Varas 2230)



 Tami’s dog Syrah -I want her!


I didn’t do too much on this day just hung out and went to bed early like my usual grandma self.


Home from Paradise


What a memorable week!

I spent the last seven days with my boyfriend and best friends in paradise, Kauai.

Let me say I have never been anywhere more beautiful.

We learned to surf  at Kahili beach, hiked the Na Pali coast, snorkeled with Captain Mike, and played cards while drinking cold beers in between. The house we stayed at had the most breathtaking view, you’d have to pinch yourself every morning just to know it was real.

It was life at it’s best. Here’s some pictures I took along the way..


This photo was taken the first night of our trip.. we were lucky enough to have Chef Aurora Rosen cater us. Hire her!  She is really amazing at what she does. Healthy and delicious all on the same plate


 Part of our view at our house on Anini Vista. The other side is just as good.. everyday the clouds put on a new show..


 I took this shot riding a Zodiac boat up the Na Pali coast.. we had so much fun! Captain Mike took us under waterfalls and through caves. It was definitely one of my favorite memories.. Just look at that water!


From inside one of the caves.. creepy!


 Sometimes we felt like we were on the ride ‘Pirates of the Carribean’.. speaking of.. the movie was actually shot in this location!


 On the way back we came across a rainbow


 Caught a beautiful sunset on one of our last nights there..


We spent my best friend Jodee’s birthday chilling on Hanalei Bay, one of the best beaches we ever dug our feet into. It looks cold and cloudy but it was hot and cloudless facing the water. Tricky Hawaii!


 We went to a Luau at the St Regis hotel.. the view from their patio really leaves you speechless


 Our last day in Kauai we hiked to Hanakapi’ai Beach. It was the hardest hike I’ve ever done but the local hawaiians make it look easy! Atleast at each end you have a reward of jumping into the warm, turquoise ocean! So amazing!


 I got to sneak a few of my stickers around town. If you spot any of them make sure to hash tag me on instagram #pau_art


Mini Trip to New York

New York City is a special place.

Everything you want at the tips of your fingers


Girl Fight.



Gramercy Hotel


Stumbling into one coffeeshop of many


Fuzzy. .. @ the Cabin

Hello Mr Warhol

Kanye / Jay Z




I found a Tom Otterness — He is a genius