Works in Progress This Week

60’s Mod hair is fun..




Cara – She really is quite the muse

photo copy 2



I started drawing a dancer for my mother.. she used to be a Ballerina


photo copy 17



I’ve been working on my Lit Lady for a bit now- focusing mainly on blending the glow of the bulbs better. Also, softening the face was important .. hopefully this week I’ll be able to put it aside and start another!

photo copy 3

Quick Trip to New York

Last night I got home from a few days stay in New York– the second city I love most in the world- and actually wished I could have stayed longer. The weather was perfect. No humidity, a little breeze.. perfect

The MoMA was awesome as always . Got to see the work of Picasso, Dali, Monet… My favorite pieces that stuck out to me were those of the Quay Brothers. I have never even heard of them , yet they have been in the art world for quite some time. They have a similar feel as the Czech artist Jan Švankmajer, and Tim Burton mixed together. Their work is Creepy, and I say that with the utmost respect and admiration. I love creepy. Check out Street of Crocodiles on Youtube to watch their work. They even directed an animated sequence in the film Frida  (see video above)

Other great artists I saw:


Alberto Giacometti

George Grosz

Rene Magritte

Otto Dix

These artists are brilliant. Check them out online and see for yourself.