paulene aguirre



I put together some photos I’ve found that have a sense of what inspires me for my show , Apocalyptic Paradise

Animal Portraits


Simply stunning work by Photographer Morten Koldby )

New Sketches

 Lately I’ve had a serious creative block — but the past few weeks I’ve gotten some doodles out of me 

photo copy 5








Still working on this one…..

photo copy 8



xoxo PAU 

First Batch In


photo copy 7


photo copy 3


photo copy 4




photo copy 2


Just had some fun today – even threw a shirt on my niece.

I’m putting them up online tomorrow to sell! I can’t wait to get my other designs going. It’s definitely fun making ideas come to life!


xoxo,  Pau



I chose a thin wooden frame with a hint of gold in it-

I thought it brought out her gold strands in her hair


My Lit Lady.

I’m going to be doing a newer version of her soon..

I absolutely LOVE the thin metal frame.

I’ve decided it’ll be the trend with the rest of my Apocolypic Paradise series.


(Living room setting)