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New Year, New Pau!


The year 2015 had lessons to learn – and 2016 is about getting back on track.


I’m looking forward to the future with open eyes and an open heart . I’ve moved into a new home, with new resolutions, ready to take on anything! Every day is another opportunity to push yourself – to become a better you.

The past month  I’ve had some time to make more sketches… and started a book club with 3 girlfriends. All from the Valley, we love to read and started the club off with Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  I just finished I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou and thought it’d be cool to draw just her eyes because she was a woman with so much soul..


I drew Steve Harvey after his hilarious fail on National television. His face is too good not to draw!


Amy Winehouse sketch


Malala is still a work in progress….


This sketch is part of a series I’m creating…


I’ll keep posting new work since one of my resolutions is to keep this blog updated with new work, artists who inspire me, trips I take, and Beauty/Fashion ideas I can’t help but share. Thanks for checking out my blog and come back tomorrow for Makeup Monday!


2016 Reminders:

  • Pay it forward.
  • You get what you give.
  • Work on your craft everyday.
  • Keep organized and throw out the junk.
  • Stay humble.
  • Try new things.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • Keep a strong relationship with God.
  • Do more, say less.
  • Forgive but don’t forget.
  • Take care of the temple you call your body!



Also, it’s my birthday month! I’m embracing 29 with a kick-ass attitude.

The year of PAU.



Stuff & Stuff Podcast


My friend Jonathan Latt wrote his first book The Geek, and asked me to paint the cover for it! He directed me to make a hand-drawn map of the World, with Dungeons/Dragons dice thrown across it, and the protagonist’s favorite killing knife set in a bird’s eye view.

He had me as a guest on his new podcast called Stuff & Stuff – an hour conversation with a person of his choice to talk about “stuff”.

Check it out in the link below!

Stuff & Stuff Podcast with Pau



Here’s a small photoshoot Stephanie Lynn and I did this past summer for DRONES Clothing — They have comfy fun new tanks and tees on their site – Check it out!


DRONES was created by the talented, super awesome homie Bryden Lando – raised in California and Hawaii – has a rad eye for what looks cool and feels great.

@BrydenLando     @Dronesclothing



I’m starting a collection of favorite sweatshirts and tees by US ALTERATION — We smoked a joint the other day and had ourselves a lil photoshoot. The store is gonna be so dope. Check it out soon in Beverly Hills…



 I met up with my homie BB from San Diego last week – he’s showing work in his new show called WATERWORKS.

Check it out in person @ KINGSWELL

bb bb bb bb bb bb bb


My favorite, ‘Butter Face’

bb bb


We met up later with our other artist friend Gosha  – He’s from Russia and also super awesomely talented.

Here he is finishing up a commission..

bb bb





Gosha drew me…



..and I drew BB..




A fun day with fellow artists is always a good time 🙂

Check out more of BB’s art @






I started using my digital camera.. these are some random pictures I took in the past month.. going out with friends, concerts, my pop-up shop, hanging out with Luna – good times with good people!

Art Crush


Fabrio Abbreccia is an incredibly talented Italian Painter/Illustrator on the rise-

He has a fantastic mix of colors in his work with effortless texture. I’m obsessed.

Buy his work here:

 Fabio Abbreccia


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Art Show in New York


Day 1: Airport selfie after zero hours of sleep, super excited to get  out of LA!


Natasha’s home was super cute and decorated just the way I’d expect her to : punchy colors with interesting antiques..

cutesy patterns to show off a bit of her girly side. Loved it.


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PAU Pop-Up Shop


Yesterday I was thinking about what my mom said, that ” People start off selling their products right out of their car” — it didn’t occur to me right away that this actually would be a good idea for myself, but I tried it Downtown in the Arts District – and it was a success! People were totally into it, sold some shirts, and even met some other cool artists. My kind of Day Job!

paupopup paupopup


paupopup paupopup paupopup paupopup

Love finding my stickers still going strong all over the city.


In Memory of Grandma, A Poem


She was a very talented poet, and an even better Grandmother. I’ll miss her a lot.

Heaven and Earth, 1963

You’re Heaven and I’m Earth

And we come together like sweethearts.

When I am cold and sad, you send the sun.

When I am afraid of the dark,

You send the moon.

When I need moisture and freshness,

You send the rain.

Sometimes you roar and thunder,

And I strike with your lightning to say,

“Look  what I have done, Earth! I am a man!”

I smile to myself and muse,

“Because my master is restless,

I must make myself beautiful.”

Then I send the leaves to my trees

And the green to my grass.

Soon your sun comes out and smiles,

And you tip your head with a rainbow

In my direction.

We are both silent and happy,

Each knowing that without the other,

Heaven would drift aimlessly

And Earth would have no reason to exist.

– by Retha



Animal Portraits


Simply stunning work by Photographer Morten Koldby )


Watch. Listen. Love.

Damon Albam – Everyday Robots


Lazy Sunday

The Photography of Todd Hido

Todd Hido Photography

This is raw talent.

Todd Hido Photography

First Batch In


photo copy 7


photo copy 3


photo copy 4




photo copy 2


Just had some fun today – even threw a shirt on my niece.

I’m putting them up online tomorrow to sell! I can’t wait to get my other designs going. It’s definitely fun making ideas come to life!


xoxo,  Pau