I love art. I love music. I LOVE CLOTHES.

new NAVEN dresses, blouses, and trousers…

Created by 2 lovely ladies Kym and Alexis.

Loving the fact my roommate works for them now.. catch me out and about

I decided to switch up my paintings over my bed… im feelin it .

Untitled Love

this life..

I was thinking about what you said
I was thinking about shame
The funny thing how you said
Cause it’s better not to stay
Sure enough if you feel nothing
You’re better off this way
Gets to the point where you can’t breathe
It’s the last word
I can see you understand

So here we are
At the last broadcast
Here we are
Our last broadcast

Sun on faces made us feel alive
The colours of the sky
Southern trees, made us enemies
Who knows the reason why?
You can’t escape yourself
You can’t just fall away
It comes to the point when you feel nothing
This is the last time
Cause I can see it in your eyes

So here we are
At the last broadcast
Here we are
Our last broadcast

This is
The last broadcast
Here we are
Our last broadcast

.the Doves

Live your life .  It’s the only one you got .

For the Woman

My Life in Love So Far….


I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning

About what I need in my short life

From another;

What I deserve.

I’m blind most of the time

Blocked to live life to the fullest.

Why do women allow this to happen?

Young, talented, loving women

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves

Destroying themselves as

Time flies.

Its undeniable, the waste of breath

Put upon a man who is unworthy.

Rich men, poor men.

Short men, tall men.

Funny men, serious men.

Who is for me? I wonder?

Who is the One?

To share a life with children,

Love, Support, Loyalty.

Am I the strong one?

Or am I the weak one?

Sometimes I really can’t tell.

All I know is,

The heart is a treacherous thing.

We must carry it as if it were made of glass.

We all have made our mistakes,

Regrets and what we would change

If we had the chance to do it again.

But their is no rewind button.

We’re living, we’re learning.

About ourselves, about others.

Be good to the world and it

Will be good back.

This isn’t just a saying,

Its a fact.


peace and love forever.