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I started using my digital camera.. these are some random pictures I took in the past month.. going out with friends, concerts, my pop-up shop, hanging out with Luna – good times with good people!


 Still working on this one… I’m feeling it as I go along … I don’t usually paint knowing what it’s going to turn into. I’m more go with the flow… which is probably why it’s so difficult for me to figure out when to stop!photo 1

This was taken by a new photographer friend – too pretty not to post!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Old sketch I’ll probably turn into a painting..IMG_6916

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Lazy Sunday

Makeup by Pau

Pau Makeup

+ Nicole Trunfio from Make Me A Supermodel

Pau Makeup


My Style: Holiday Decorating

This room is so classy and feminine

The holidays are here!

Now is the time people start decorating their houses – and don’t have a clue how to do it!

Stay away from  “tacky”, and “overdoing it” . There are many ways to brighten up the room with minimal effort.

Look through this gallery of my favorite rooms in the holiday spirit.

I hope you feel inspired !

My Style: Bedrooms

Pau Home Style

In my free time, I LOVE looking at websites in search of amazing rooms. Interior Design makes me happy and fuzzy inside, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite bedrooms. Which one is your favorite?

Pau Home Style Pau Home Style

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Flea Market Finds

Pau at the Flea Market

Last Sunday I headed over to the Fairfax Flea Market – after not having gone in ages!  I’ve been looking at my jewelry collection lately and it’s been looking pretty sad. I tend to lose every ring or pair of earrings I ever buy so I decided to hunt for some new accessories! .. and actually take care of them!

2 hours and $200 later :

I ended up getting a couple vintage muscle tees, a gold pair of triangle shaped earrings, a pair of sunglasses, a gold bracelet, a funky  wrap-around bracelet, an artsy iPhone case, a vintage gold chain, an antique key necklace with a long chain (perfect to throw over any t-shirt), and a little girls art work for my room.

Try to check-out your local Flea Market tomorrow! You never know what cool shit you’ll find.

Art on the Street // LA

Daily art that catches my eye 


Caught this one on Melrose. I’m very curious as to what the artist is trying to say….. Blue Man Group are feisty scensters?


Also on Melrose.. I think this is a cut-out of that lady screaming at Kent State because her friend was shot dead. The artist changed the dead guy into a split carton of milk.

That’s nice.


This was a colorful mural I saw behind a store off Melrose. Chinese military around the Dalai Lama. I’m not too sure what the artist is trying to signify but it looks great!

(Too bad I got the shadow of a tree in the shot)


Wait .. What?

I don’t know why I like this piece so much.. but I do!  Gotta love the random.


This tiger/panther/couger/whatever is dope


Close-up of the detail on his face


Close up of the hand… The beast rules the World?… I guess there doesn’t have to be a meaning behind every piece of art


This is another piece by the same nameless artist – he signs his name with a picture. These street artists love to stay anonymous don’t they…

Loving the detail!  Really great work.. I hope to find out who the artist is soon.

Cahuenga/ Selma/ Hollywood