LA art

Throwback Thursday

Reposting older sketches..

..I’ve always been in love with fairies..


Hanging out, drawing friends at bars..



..Old man I photographed in LA..


This is a sketch I made for a painting idea.. I would add color to the screen…

My first art show 🙂


Pet Portraits

pet portraits

I’ve been commissioned to paint furry best friends recently, which I’ve actually enjoyed a lot. It’s fun to challenge myself by trying out different textures for fur, sizing ears, picking out the best color for the background, etc..

I have a couple more pups I’ll be posting soon!

If you’d like your own pet portrait done, contact me at:






 I met up with my homie BB from San Diego last week – he’s showing work in his new show called WATERWORKS.

Check it out in person @ KINGSWELL

bb bb bb bb bb bb bb


My favorite, ‘Butter Face’

bb bb


We met up later with our other artist friend Gosha  – He’s from Russia and also super awesomely talented.

Here he is finishing up a commission..

bb bb





Gosha drew me…



..and I drew BB..




A fun day with fellow artists is always a good time 🙂

Check out more of BB’s art @





Not having a place to paint makes me draw more.




PAU Pop-Up Shop


Yesterday I was thinking about what my mom said, that ” People start off selling their products right out of their car” — it didn’t occur to me right away that this actually would be a good idea for myself, but I tried it Downtown in the Arts District – and it was a success! People were totally into it, sold some shirts, and even met some other cool artists. My kind of Day Job!

paupopup paupopup


paupopup paupopup paupopup paupopup

Love finding my stickers still going strong all over the city.


PAU Photo Shoot

This past week we had a product photo shoot for  for my online store!

Thanks to my homie Ronaldo for helping and Aurelie Davis for the photos!


I’m Back!

Well these past couple months have been VERY busy. First, I got sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. The doctor thought I had Mono. Who gets Mono? Then I moved out of my old apartment into my own art studio in Echo Park! I’m totally loving it and it’s been crazy moving and organizing and trying to feel at home in a place that feels like anything BUT home. I’m in a totally new city, new surroundings, new neighbors, new everything. New has never felt so good. I feel inspired to read more, paint more, and get in touch with myself and where I’m heading in life. I’ve never lived alone so I had to take some time away from the computer to create my little routine everyday. I’ve never had a routine in my entire life so this is very different for me. I’m growing up, accepting who I am, and looking forward to the future. I’m ready to make some awesome work and get back into my blog, sharing my little life and the process of creating my first art show! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m hoping to just figure it out.


I’ve been putting my new place together slowly  ..

pau art

Here’s some new, old, and work in progress since the last time I posted..

art by pau

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 My girl Zaaday, wearing PAU / L.A.

zaade - pau luv

zaade - pau luv


Art on the Street // LA

Daily art that catches my eye 


Caught this one on Melrose. I’m very curious as to what the artist is trying to say….. Blue Man Group are feisty scensters?


Also on Melrose.. I think this is a cut-out of that lady screaming at Kent State because her friend was shot dead. The artist changed the dead guy into a split carton of milk.

That’s nice.


This was a colorful mural I saw behind a store off Melrose. Chinese military around the Dalai Lama. I’m not too sure what the artist is trying to signify but it looks great!

(Too bad I got the shadow of a tree in the shot)


Wait .. What?

I don’t know why I like this piece so much.. but I do!  Gotta love the random.


This tiger/panther/couger/whatever is dope


Close-up of the detail on his face


Close up of the hand… The beast rules the World?… I guess there doesn’t have to be a meaning behind every piece of art


This is another piece by the same nameless artist – he signs his name with a picture. These street artists love to stay anonymous don’t they…

Loving the detail!  Really great work.. I hope to find out who the artist is soon.

Cahuenga/ Selma/ Hollywood