Tokyo/ Bangkok/ Phuket ’12

This trip came and went so fast–the movie Lost in Translation definitely describes the feeling of this alien country. The people are friendly, the streets are clean, and noodles are to be eaten morning, day, and night.

I loved it.

My boyfriend is the best because he got us into Jiro Sushi which is known to have the best sushi Chef in the world. They even made a documentary about him- which I regrettably saw after I ate there (trailer above)

We also ate at Gonpachi- the restaurant that inspired the famous fight scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The food there was aight.. nothing to remember.

Fun Fact: Eggs in Japan are orange.

We walked the streets of Harajuku..I know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year!

Our guide Tomoko was telling us about how Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by Japanese art and actually copied a lot of work by Hiroshige

How would a poor European artist catch on to new art across the ocean thousands of miles away in the mid 1800’s?

Tomoko said it could have been that Japanese artists made so many prints of their art by using a wood-cut method ( which I found so interesting) – It was simple, easy, and cheap. They would stuff boxes of prints to protect fragile items from breaking. Boxes would be sent around the world, so it was very likely that’s how Van Gogh became a fan.

Hiroshige                                                                                                     Van Gogh

Hiroshige                                                                                                                Van Gogh

We went to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa – where we ate the best Shrimp Udon noodles and I was given my good fortune

I thought these teacup balconies were cute.

Took a nice afternoon stroll through Ueno Park, sipping our regular starbucks drink we get at home..

After 6 days in Japan we went off to Thailand – first to Bangkok for a couple days which now seems like a blur. That’s when the jet lag still felt terrible and I watched 2 seasons of Mad Men straight. We did eat the best Pad Thai of our lives on the dirtiest street we could have found in that city.

The best part was Phuket, the most beautiful ocean and softest sand I have ever sunk my feet into. The people were so sweet and the food there was SO good.

The resort we stayed at gave me this amazing handmade flower bracelet as soon as we arrived..

Our view

Our seating area outside was so cool, but we unfortunately couldn’t enjoy it.  The mosquitos out there had NO mercy on us.

One night, He DID pull off a very romantic dinner  though..just another reason why he’s the best.

Jasmine were draped around us..

The food they made us that night was probably the best food we had on the whole trip. I don’t even know what we were eating but it was all delicious and fun to look at!

What’s better than waking up to this every morning?

Amanpuri Resort, Phuket  – October was a great time to go. It was still hot but barely anyone was there

Bath water

We rode an elephant! Best 15 minutes ever

Woah buddy


Mowgli from Jungle Book let me ride on the elephant’s neck- I wish I hadn’t worn shorts

Beautiful animal.

This guy could eat bananas all day

It was an unforgettable trip !

Now we are home in LA and almost back on our usual time zone.. but as I’m writing this at 2am it proves that I’m still pretty messed up.

I even had some art to share but that will have to wait until tomorrow..