PAU Photo Shoot

This past week we had a product photo shoot for  for my online store!

Thanks to my homie Ronaldo for helping and Aurelie Davis for the photos!


I’m Back!

Well these past couple months have been VERY busy. First, I got sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. The doctor thought I had Mono. Who gets Mono? Then I moved out of my old apartment into my own art studio in Echo Park! I’m totally loving it and it’s been crazy moving and organizing and trying to feel at home in a place that feels like anything BUT home. I’m in a totally new city, new surroundings, new neighbors, new everything. New has never felt so good. I feel inspired to read more, paint more, and get in touch with myself and where I’m heading in life. I’ve never lived alone so I had to take some time away from the computer to create my little routine everyday. I’ve never had a routine in my entire life so this is very different for me. I’m growing up, accepting who I am, and looking forward to the future. I’m ready to make some awesome work and get back into my blog, sharing my little life and the process of creating my first art show! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m hoping to just figure it out.


I’ve been putting my new place together slowly  ..

pau art

Here’s some new, old, and work in progress since the last time I posted..

art by pau

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Lazy Sunday

Artist: Soussan Haroni

 THIS made my day.

My friend’s mother is an AMAZING artist. She painted one of my photographs I took in Costa Rica!

I just found out today and wanted to share – Nothing is better than inspiring someone to be creative!

You can hardly tell which is the photograph!

cows DSCN0225



I kind of totally loved that show Don’t trust the Bitch in Apt 23


Stolen Painting

My old man I spent hours and hours on was stolen. Not much else to say . Goodnight.

Old man IMG_4562

Flea Market Finds

Pau at the Flea Market

Last Sunday I headed over to the Fairfax Flea Market – after not having gone in ages!  I’ve been looking at my jewelry collection lately and it’s been looking pretty sad. I tend to lose every ring or pair of earrings I ever buy so I decided to hunt for some new accessories! .. and actually take care of them!

2 hours and $200 later :

I ended up getting a couple vintage muscle tees, a gold pair of triangle shaped earrings, a pair of sunglasses, a gold bracelet, a funky  wrap-around bracelet, an artsy iPhone case, a vintage gold chain, an antique key necklace with a long chain (perfect to throw over any t-shirt), and a little girls art work for my room.

Try to check-out your local Flea Market tomorrow! You never know what cool shit you’ll find.

Palm Springs Getaway : Le Parker Meridien

Pau at Parker Meridien- Palm Springs

 If you ever want to get away for a couple days with Sunny weather all year round – Palm Springs is the place to go. Over-sized orange doors opened by doormen with pink jackets – Le Parker Meridien really stood out thanks to designer Jonathan Adler. His design mantra that guided his first hotel project : “To unite happiness and chic.” I thought I’d take a a few blog-worthy pictures !


Flannel :  Alice and Olivia 

Sunglasses : Prism

Bag: PAU

photo copy photo photo copy 2

New Sketches

 Lately I’ve had a serious creative block — but the past few weeks I’ve gotten some doodles out of me 

photo copy 5








Still working on this one…..

photo copy 8



xoxo PAU 



Worked on him yesterday and taking a little break…




 Kendall / LA



photo copy 2



 Get yours

Now Available!

  Hey guys!

Since my store here on my website is still confused – I made an Etsy account where you can buy prints, shirts, and totes!

Just type in PAUart in the Search engine and shop away!

Prints start at $40

Shirts $30

Totes $25

I’ll keep it updated with new stuff,

So check it out and thanks for the support!



—->   <—-

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 9.47.19 AM


Seinfeld keeps me sane.

photo copy

photo copy

 Whole lotta Luna
photo copy 5

photo copy 4

I came across this book in my dad’s personal library – it’s teaching me that nothing matters in life. Victory is the same as defeat. We all end up in the same place and this is your one life. People die, and there’s no understanding it. So keep learning, and loving, and doing what makes you feel good. Cause this is it, right here, right now. Hardcore Brujo Shit. Surprisingly awsome book. Check it out if you’re a stoner or a hippie or just like good books.


Day 6: El Centro



My dad loves making himself laugh before a photo is taken : )





The first time I have ever seen THIS : Kids in Chile who start college I guess go through this type of hazing.

They walk around with paint all over themselves; anything disgusting like eggs, “liquids” from animals, flour… I can’t even make up the crusty stuff I saw in their hair.

They smell.

They also have to ask for a certain amount of money before they’re finished humiliating themselves!

They are walking around with their pants ripped off  and no shoes…

I’m glad I didn’t go to college here !











(that’s her SECOND empanada)



THIS is the famous empanada de Pino. It has meat, onions, black olives, boiled egg, and a seasoning I don’t know.

My grandma used to make these for us when I was younger and crave it when I visit.

Order it with a Chilean salad: onions, tomotos, and cilantro –





More clouds