San Jose/Napa Valley!

I had the chance to fly up to San Jose to assist the very talented Morgan Bricca, Muralist Extraordinaire! She really was the sweetest, and was so open about her experiences as an Artist. I appreciate the time I got to spend with her.. She’s a special soul who continues to grow everyday and has such a great attitude towards life. What a blessing! She set me up with her neighbor, Anh, a vietnamese hairstylist with a gorgeous Airbnb. Anh and her husband made me feel at home, inviting me to meals and notch hospitality! Take a look at some photos I took of her property. They have a chicken coop, bee hives, a tennis court, pool, and a bicycle she lent me to ride around town whenever I needed!

We packed up early Monday morning and headed to Springer Elementary School…

We worked from Monday to Thursday, 9am-3pm..Morgan kept working and finished 3-4 days later. It was kind of funny how much we had to keep race in mind, switching ethnicities around making sure we mixed it up! No kid should feel excluded! 🙂 The end result:

It was so interesting to watch and observe how Morgan works, herself in particular. Every Artist has their own unique way of how they work and how they flow ideas throughout a project..that’s the cool thing about collaborating with others..having an open mind that just because it’s your way doesn’t make it the right way. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves through art. Morgan inspires me so much, because she wasn’t an artist growing up, she taught herself at 25 years old. Working as an IT, she took an art class to “destress”. Fifteen years later, Morgan is a Girl Boss running her own Mural company that supports her family of 4.

After all of that, I caught the Amtrak to Napa Valley to visit my best friend from Chile, Andrea aka Andi! She had a baby last year and I was so excited to meet little Sebastián! She also works at a winery up there so we went to the best places for tasting, spending the day catching up on life, drinking wine, and eating really good food. This is my second time visiting her and won’t be my last.. I love Napa!