Cool Blue Walls For Thick Skin Podcast

I think we’re all experiencing a roller coaster of emotions during this quarantine. I know I sure am! I’m trying to stay sane by staying at home, working on some art, and painting walls! My boyfriend has a great podcast called Thick Skin which he records underneath our swimming pool. He wanted me to paint something cool on the walls as if it were underwater. I headed to Home Depot and picked out 3 pretty blues that match the tiles in the ceiling window looking into the pool. I think it turned out pretty awesome, after a long week of sweat and pain to get it just the way I wanted. Sometimes I really think I know what I’m doing then it turns out I really don’t- but that’s OK. I took a step back, figured out what I needed to do to make it right, and continued on.

These are the “before” pictures:

thickskin thickskin

These are the “After” pictures:


I took some “in-between” pictures to show the process:

At first I tried blending the 3 colors on their own but it turns out, I had to mix each color together to  get the right outcome.


There is still more to do! Decorating is also a fun part to redesigning a space.

I’ll update a post with the finished version eventually! It’s quite difficult furniture shopping and getting art supplies while we self-isolate. I’m taking one day at a time and doing what I can. The old podcast room was right next to the blue one, so we turned it into Jeff’s “High- School” Style Guest room using art and furniture from around the house.




Thick Skin

I have a few projects I’ll be working on this week..a Father/Daughter portrait, a Sign-Work/Mural on Sunset Blvd next to the Viper Room, and a mural for my very good friend Jennie in her Meditation Room. I love what I do!

 Come back for new posts next week!

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