Art Crush: Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is an award winning professional digital artist born in Lubań, Poland and currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Since the year 2000, has been working and experimenting, on Computer-generated visual media (3d digital image – animation, graphic design, web design, digital video and new media).

Has been teaching digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design in many art institutes. He is also a member of CultureInside, slashTHREE, Artia & Art.lica International Art Collectives.

Adam Martinakis Blog

His art is beyond rad. Enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday

Reposting older sketches..

..I’ve always been in love with fairies..


Hanging out, drawing friends at bars..



..Old man I photographed in LA..


This is a sketch I made for a painting idea.. I would add color to the screen…

My first art show 🙂


Tattoo Designs

I wanted to share some tattoo designs I’ve done over the years! Friends always ask me to help them create custom art or fix tattoos.

This one was for a girlfriend who got a bad artist and had little to no detail.. she wasn’t happy with it so I added the face, headdress, the 6 arms, crossed legs, and magic carpet. (I wish I had the before picture!)


This pair of tattoos was created for my friend Skip who asked me to draw him his favorite food: Bread and Cheese.










This phoenix was for my old boss Joe. He wanted a custom design for his forearm so I created this!


My friend Lorenzo is an actor and movie junkie, so he told me he wanted a film reel….


I’m working on another tattoo this week for a guy from Pittsburgh. He had a pretty detailed idea of this design. He wanted a Steel Beam to represent his hometown, and a California bear drawn walking on top of it. I still have to do the Bear but I got the steel beam down so far…..


The same client wanted a more personal design for another tattoo. The word ‘Life’  in his mother’s handwriting represents loving life… and a tombstone engraved with an infinity sign, reminding him how short life really is.

I enjoy creating people’s ideas and make them happy by bringing it to life!  🙂


For inquiries about a design for your own custom tattoo, email me: