San Diego Getaway

San Diego

San Diego, California!

It was my first time visiting this place- and it was awesome! We could only stay a couple days Easter weekend but we definitely made the most out of it.

First, we checked into the Omni Hotel and got ready to hit the pool – It has great view of the city from the 16th floor! The staff of the hotel was very  sweet and accommodable.

Chill vibes from the pool bar where we laid out and got our buzz on 🙂

San Diego

We relaxed and relaxed some more before dinner at Starlite – Really flavorful dishes and the best Moscow Mules!

After sleeping in, we took a run around the streets of Downtown and checked out all the cool buildings.

San Diego

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Pau Pop Up!

pau pop up feb

Hello there! This was maybe my 5th time setting up a “Pau Pop Up” … I never know what’s gonna happen or who I’m going to meet. There are days when nobody will say anything to me, and there are days I’ll sell a few things and get motivational comments.  But it’s cool that way. On Saturday I got a late start.. I only stayed a couple hours and didn’t get anyone to talk to me until after I closed up shop, of course. It was kind of a last minute thing, and wasn’t as prepared as I thought I’d be! I know now that next week I’ll set up super early, bring actual paintings, and get a good spot right off a corner. That way I’m not directly in traffic and I can set up bigger pieces with plenty of space 🙂
Thanks to my friends Shami and Taryn for helping me out to get this done!


pau pop up feb

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L.A.V.C Logo


I’m happy Dima is happy about his new logo I painted in the lobby of LAVC.

I started off wondering how would be the best way of doing this… There were more sharp edges so I thought the best way for me could have definitely been to use a projector, but I didn’t have that. So freehand it was.. It turned out great!

Get your meds from these guys!! They really are the best! Good vibes only.






Art Crush: Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is an award winning professional digital artist born in Lubań, Poland and currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Since the year 2000, has been working and experimenting, on Computer-generated visual media (3d digital image – animation, graphic design, web design, digital video and new media).

Has been teaching digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design in many art institutes. He is also a member of CultureInside, slashTHREE, Artia & Art.lica International Art Collectives.

Adam Martinakis Blog

His art is beyond rad. Enjoy!

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