Mini Trip to New York

New York City is a special place.

Everything you want at the tips of your fingers


Girl Fight.



Gramercy Hotel


Stumbling into one coffeeshop of many


Fuzzy. .. @ the Cabin

Hello Mr Warhol

Kanye / Jay Z




I found a Tom Otterness — He is a genius


My favorite was Princess Aurora

I stumbled across these photos of a more detailed life-like version of the Disney Princesses… I know all you ladies out there are obsessing on SOME level how adorable this is and fulfills a little girl void you have subconsciously missed.  I don’t know who created these but if anyone knows, speak up and let me know. PROPS !


I love art. I love music. I LOVE CLOTHES.

new NAVEN dresses, blouses, and trousers…

Created by 2 lovely ladies Kym and Alexis.

Loving the fact my roommate works for them now.. catch me out and about

I decided to switch up my paintings over my bed… im feelin it .

Untitled Love