Cut Branches

They are stretching long

My arms, thus far ;

I don’t know what

To do with them.

Do I let them reach

And wrap onto things

I can’t even see?

Let the flowers bloom

Into adulthood,

Watching birds drink

Their youth away?

I can’t feel my tips anymore,

My limbs are going numb.

I say my goodbyes

Severing the things

I thought I needed.

It might hurt.

It could sting.

With my roots deep

In the soil

My base stands tall.

It’s all I need

As I soak in the beautiful sun.




Watch this rad videoΒ BLU made on the street..

He almost has a style similar to Shel Silverstein .. mostly simple black and white, focusing on the delivery of the idea rather than perfecting the forms he creates. He’s definitely one of my top favorite street artists .



Starry Night

Glares of starburst in the sky,

Hover over the dim candles of homes below.

Bright they shine while

Clouds try to to blow them away.

Colors bounce from star to star,

Moving as fast as the moon will let them.

The living trapped by their worldly needs,

Never looking at the restless creation.

Though the town is in their dreams,

The creator of the restless sky lie awake.

-Paulene, 9th grade

I found this today in my “memory box”. I’m a semi-hoarder. Also, I just read Van Gogh’s biography so I thought I’d share.. Β  πŸ™‚


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