Tattoo Designs

I wanted to share some tattoo designs I’ve done over the years! Friends always ask me to help them create custom art or fix tattoos.

This one was for a girlfriend who got a bad artist and had little to no detail.. she wasn’t happy with it so I added the face, headdress, the 6 arms, crossed legs, and magic carpet. (I wish I had the before picture!)


This pair of tattoos was created for my friend Skip who asked me to draw him his favorite food: Bread and Cheese.










This phoenix was for my old boss Joe. He wanted a custom design for his forearm so I created this!


My friend Lorenzo is an actor and movie junkie, so he told me he wanted a film reel….


I’m working on another tattoo this week for a guy from Pittsburgh. He had a pretty detailed idea of this design. He wanted a Steel Beam to represent his hometown, and a California bear drawn walking on top of it. I still have to do the Bear but I got the steel beam down so far…..


The same client wanted a more personal design for another tattoo. The word ‘Life’  in his mother’s handwriting represents loving life… and a tombstone engraved with an infinity sign, reminding him how short life really is.

I enjoy creating people’s ideas and make them happy by bringing it to life!  🙂


For inquiries about a design for your own custom tattoo, email me:


New Year, New Pau!


The year 2015 had lessons to learn – and 2016 is about getting back on track.


I’m looking forward to the future with open eyes and an open heart . I’ve moved into a new home, with new resolutions, ready to take on anything! Every day is another opportunity to push yourself – to become a better you.

The past month  I’ve had some time to make more sketches… and started a book club with 3 girlfriends. All from the Valley, we love to read and started the club off with Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  I just finished I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou and thought it’d be cool to draw just her eyes because she was a woman with so much soul..


I drew Steve Harvey after his hilarious fail on National television. His face is too good not to draw!


Amy Winehouse sketch


Malala is still a work in progress….


This sketch is part of a series I’m creating…


I’ll keep posting new work since one of my resolutions is to keep this blog updated with new work, artists who inspire me, trips I take, and Beauty/Fashion ideas I can’t help but share. Thanks for checking out my blog and come back tomorrow for Makeup Monday!


2016 Reminders:

  • Pay it forward.
  • You get what you give.
  • Work on your craft everyday.
  • Keep organized and throw out the junk.
  • Stay humble.
  • Try new things.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • Keep a strong relationship with God.
  • Do more, say less.
  • Forgive but don’t forget.
  • Take care of the temple you call your body!



Also, it’s my birthday month! I’m embracing 29 with a kick-ass attitude.

The year of PAU.



Bernie Sanders

He’s got my vote!

Quick sketch of Bernie using my new art supplies I got at

Continental Art Supplies


IMG_6978 IMG_6979




House Goals

I’ve collected photos of some of my favorite decorated rooms –

I hope they inspire you the way they inspire me!


Pet Portrait: Ryan O’Neal

Pet portraits

I did a special portrait of Ryan O’Neal’s best friends Mozart and Raven! To make it more personal for him,  I added his green patio cushion and view of the ocean in Malibu. He loved it! I’m so happy to bring joy to someone’s life through my art. Nothing beats it!

Enjoy, Ryan!


Stuff & Stuff Podcast


My friend Jonathan Latt wrote his first book The Geek, and asked me to paint the cover for it! He directed me to make a hand-drawn map of the World, with Dungeons/Dragons dice thrown across it, and the protagonist’s favorite killing knife set in a bird’s eye view.

He had me as a guest on his new podcast called Stuff & Stuff – an hour conversation with a person of his choice to talk about “stuff”.

Check it out in the link below!

Stuff & Stuff Podcast with Pau