This was a sketch I did of my classmate in Chile when I was 17. I had just started getting into learning human figure drawing. I’m pretty sure he was bored during math or something.



A Collection

I wish I had the names of all the artists but I don’t !  This is the beginning of a great collection..




Olaf Hajek  (my personal favorite)


Another favorite.. Xavier Lucchesi . Brilliant!

Ed Ruscha

Books can be art too


Love this- John Baldessari


Jean Michel Basquiat


Close up

Muhammad Ali  (photographer unknown)

Close up


Art collection of Jordan David Feldstein

<3 Pau

Artist of the Week

I’ve decided to choose one artist a week who I find incredibly inspiring..

new, old, abstract, contemporary, impressionism, sculpture.. whatever!

This week I choose Gustav Klimt: 

An Austrian painter born in 1862 and was part of the Vienna Secession movement.

If you haven’t heard of him or seen his work, the most well-known piece in my opinion would be ‘the Kiss’ shown below


He painted with such detail, imagination, and always used an exceptional palette. His style using Gold leaf inspired me to work with it as well. I was planning on choosing only a few to share but I couldn’t; there were too many to choose from! His work is so classic and modern at the same time.


Back in the Studio

I spent the day today organizing and cleaning out my studio, getting rid of junk and putting things in order. It feels so good! I’m actually excited now to work. Not that I’m ever not excited to work but as an artist it’s nice to know where things are.

I found these 2 prints of art by Robert Longo at Out of the Closet for 5 bucks each. Very cool. Very 90’s.

I’m painting the Game and Citizen Cope in progress

His new album is dope

Close up of my Bulb Lady.. I need to come up with a better name for her


I tend to lose every passport in every country I visit

I keep every card that is given to me.. and keep toys with missing button eyes

A printed photo of this guy named Patrick. He lives on the street here in L.A. near my house – he’s a really nice guy. I’ll be painting his portrait in the near future

I’m still on Hawaii time so I’ll be up late drawing more PAU shirts .. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

Stay cool!




This is a commission I have been working on; the women in a friend’s family.  I don’t usually take on jobs doing portraits of people but lately I’ve been into it. I guess people can change. I’ll post the finished piece soon..

Good Times in Barcelona

A Day in Portugal



I’m painting homeless people I photograph around L.A. This guy nicely posed for me and made a dollar ..

finished piece will be up soon!



Meet Luna!!


I adopted the sweetest dog … she’s a mix of Australian Shepard / Lab/ Cattle dog.

She has a sister who still needs a home ! Please foster or adopt… There are so many little animals who need you .

Find a friend for you!

Animal Rescue Center

2901 Exposition Blvd

LA, CA 90018

(323) 402-0039


I’ve been working on these commissioned portraits .. they’re still “work in progress” but thought I’d share!

Citizen Cope/Sarah Barailles/Maroon5/Gavin DeGraw/Dashboard Confessional.

I’ll update more soon.

I gave up coffee today for good . not good. watch out.


In Dreams?

New Art I Bought


I found this piece at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this past Sunday. I’m not sure who the artist is but I liked it right away. Something about how simple it is yet there is a story behind it. To me, that’s Art.







New work for a commissioned project…. FINALLY started…. in progress.  9 more to go !


My favorite was Princess Aurora

I stumbled across these photos of a more detailed life-like version of the Disney Princesses… I know all you ladies out there are obsessing on SOME level how adorable this is and fulfills a little girl void you have subconsciously missed.  I don’t know who created these but if anyone knows, speak up and let me know. PROPS !

God of Death prints!

Hey everyone! In honor of Halloween, I’m selling prints of my “God of Death” for a limited time only . Email me ♥

( paupauart AT )