New Sketches

 Lately I’ve had a serious creative block — but the past few weeks I’ve gotten some doodles out of me 

photo copy 5








Still working on this one…..

photo copy 8



xoxo PAU 

A Mechanical Mind

Really digging the mechanical sculptures by Justin Gershenson



Worked on him yesterday and taking a little break…












 Kendall / LA



photo copy 2



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Now Available!

  Hey guys!

Since my store here on my website is still confused – I made an Etsy account where you can buy prints, shirts, and totes!

Just type in PAUart in the Search engine and shop away!

Prints start at $40

Shirts $30

Totes $25

I’ll keep it updated with new stuff,

So check it out and thanks for the support!



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Girl Crush

when my hair is grown out it’ll look like hers .

Great song. Great video.

First Batch In


photo copy 7


photo copy 3


photo copy 4




photo copy 2


Just had some fun today – even threw a shirt on my niece.

I’m putting them up online tomorrow to sell! I can’t wait to get my other designs going. It’s definitely fun making ideas come to life!


xoxo,  Pau


Seinfeld keeps me sane.

photo copy

photo copy

 Whole lotta Luna
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photo copy 4

I came across this book in my dad’s personal library – it’s teaching me that nothing matters in life. Victory is the same as defeat. We all end up in the same place and this is your one life. People die, and there’s no understanding it. So keep learning, and loving, and doing what makes you feel good. Cause this is it, right here, right now. Hardcore Brujo Shit. Surprisingly awsome book. Check it out if you’re a stoner or a hippie or just like good books.


IronlaK show featuring artist #SOFLES


5125 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90027
(323) 284-8510
My girl Stephanie brought me out last night to Ironlak’s store opening featuring artist SOFLES.
He’s a sick graffiti artist who did this in a DAY:
Impressive!  Props to the dude !
Here are some prints he had up to decorate the walls ..
Pick a color, any color!
This cute guy will help you with anything you need..
the Artist at work..
This is Bob and his dope shirt he created!
Check out his line Read the Label
Spreading the love for art!

Works in Progress This Week

60’s Mod hair is fun..




Cara – She really is quite the muse

photo copy 2



I started drawing a dancer for my mother.. she used to be a Ballerina


photo copy 17



I’ve been working on my Lit Lady for a bit now- focusing mainly on blending the glow of the bulbs better. Also, softening the face was important .. hopefully this week I’ll be able to put it aside and start another!

photo copy 3


Cause he’s my favorite




This Week


A sketch I started the other night– got some details to finish..

 (close up )


My man’s birthday was the 11th and he definitely had himself a good time..

Cake fight!


I cooked dinner for the fam and thankfully pulled it off! Jordan gave me an A+. Thanks to the help of my 12 year old niece as my little elf. Couldn’t have done it without her!


This is part of a drawing I’m working on called ‘God of Dreams’- hope to be done one day!


Got my puppy Luna a new collar – 5 bucks and its glow in the dark – score!


A pigeon I started in New York City.







I chose a thin wooden frame with a hint of gold in it-

I thought it brought out her gold strands in her hair


My Lit Lady.

I’m going to be doing a newer version of her soon..

I absolutely LOVE the thin metal frame.

I’ve decided it’ll be the trend with the rest of my Apocolypic Paradise series.


(Living room setting)

Art on the Street // LA

Daily art that catches my eye 


Caught this one on Melrose. I’m very curious as to what the artist is trying to say….. Blue Man Group are feisty scensters?


Also on Melrose.. I think this is a cut-out of that lady screaming at Kent State because her friend was shot dead. The artist changed the dead guy into a split carton of milk.

That’s nice.


This was a colorful mural I saw behind a store off Melrose. Chinese military around the Dalai Lama. I’m not too sure what the artist is trying to signify but it looks great!

(Too bad I got the shadow of a tree in the shot)


Wait .. What?

I don’t know why I like this piece so much.. but I do!  Gotta love the random.


This tiger/panther/couger/whatever is dope


Close-up of the detail on his face


Close up of the hand… The beast rules the World?… I guess there doesn’t have to be a meaning behind every piece of art


This is another piece by the same nameless artist – he signs his name with a picture. These street artists love to stay anonymous don’t they…

Loving the detail!  Really great work.. I hope to find out who the artist is soon.

Cahuenga/ Selma/ Hollywood