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Florence3 - Paulene Aguirre - Pau

ultimate women : inspiring, talented, creative and beautiful .. florence welch, bjork, karen O,   and Gwen .. Love.

PS if anyone has an extra ticket to the Florence show I will love you long time


For Morgan

Hippie Girl BLOG - Paulene Aguirre - Pau
Tattoo Design for Morgan Kolek

She asked for a paintbrush and a pair of scissors to be hidden in the hair .. it reminds me of Eye Spy books I loved when I was a kid


Starry Night

Glares of starburst in the sky,

Hover over the dim candles of homes below.

Bright they shine while

Clouds try to to blow them away.

Colors bounce from star to star,

Moving as fast as the moon will let them.

The living trapped by their worldly needs,

Never looking at the restless creation.

Though the town is in their dreams,

The creator of the restless sky lie awake.

-Paulene, 9th grade

I found this today in my “memory box”. I’m a semi-hoarder. Also, I just read Van Gogh’s biography so I thought I’d share..   🙂

Walking home

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The cool thing about living in LA is: randomly passing by Retna/ Mac murals just a mile apart from eachother. The talent between the two of them is ridiculous. Hail to the best of the west.



My name is Pau. This is my room/studio/only space in the entire world that I can call my own. I finally got a site up so I can share with everyone my new work, drawings, ideas, photos, videos, tattoos I draw for friends and whatever else I want to put up on my website… welcome to my room, my life…