In Memory of Grandma, A Poem


She was a very talented poet, and an even better Grandmother. I’ll miss her a lot.

Heaven and Earth, 1963

You’re Heaven and I’m Earth

And we come together like sweethearts.

When I am cold and sad, you send the sun.

When I am afraid of the dark,

You send the moon.

When I need moisture and freshness,

You send the rain.

Sometimes you roar and thunder,

And I strike with your lightning to say,

“Look  what I have done, Earth! I am a man!”

I smile to myself and muse,

“Because my master is restless,

I must make myself beautiful.”

Then I send the leaves to my trees

And the green to my grass.

Soon your sun comes out and smiles,

And you tip your head with a rainbow

In my direction.

We are both silent and happy,

Each knowing that without the other,

Heaven would drift aimlessly

And Earth would have no reason to exist.

– by Retha



Animal Portraits


Simply stunning work by Photographer Morten Koldby )

Best Friend


As much as she drives me crazy – I don’t ever regret the day I picked this puppy out of a bunch!  I had so many great pictures of her and thought I’d share – she’s so pretty and I’m proud to call her mine!

If you have some extra room in your house and your heart, adopt a dog at your nearest Rescue Center. Having an animal around teaches you about life and to not take it so seriously!

Happy 2nd Birthday Luna!

Please stay away from breeders! They are part of the problem why so many animals are put to death in shelters. There are SO MANY kinds of dogs who need homes, even if you’re looking for a specific kind. Go online and more than likely you’ll find a Rescue group for that breed. Also, remember to Spay/Neuter your pet! Another way to help LA become NKLA ( No Kill Los Angeles )




Watch. Listen. Love.

Damon Albam – Everyday Robots



 Still working on this one… I’m feeling it as I go along … I don’t usually paint knowing what it’s going to turn into. I’m more go with the flow… which is probably why it’s so difficult for me to figure out when to stop!photo 1

This was taken by a new photographer friend – too pretty not to post!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Old sketch I’ll probably turn into a painting..IMG_6916

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I’m Back!

Well these past couple months have been VERY busy. First, I got sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. The doctor thought I had Mono. Who gets Mono? Then I moved out of my old apartment into my own art studio in Echo Park! I’m totally loving it and it’s been crazy moving and organizing and trying to feel at home in a place that feels like anything BUT home. I’m in a totally new city, new surroundings, new neighbors, new everything. New has never felt so good. I feel inspired to read more, paint more, and get in touch with myself and where I’m heading in life. I’ve never lived alone so I had to take some time away from the computer to create my little routine everyday. I’ve never had a routine in my entire life so this is very different for me. I’m growing up, accepting who I am, and looking forward to the future. I’m ready to make some awesome work and get back into my blog, sharing my little life and the process of creating my first art show! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m hoping to just figure it out.


I’ve been putting my new place together slowly  ..

pau art

Here’s some new, old, and work in progress since the last time I posted..

art by pau

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Lazy Sunday

Makeup by Pau

Pau Makeup

+ Nicole Trunfio from Make Me A Supermodel

Pau Makeup


The Photography of Todd Hido

Todd Hido Photography

This is raw talent.

Todd Hido Photography

New Makeup!

Pau Makeup

I’m trying out this new lipgloss by SURRAH in Tres Chic – It’s dark and gothic, perfect to match my NARS pure matte lipstick in VOLGA

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Artist: Soussan Haroni

 THIS made my day.

My friend’s mother is an AMAZING artist. She painted one of my photographs I took in Costa Rica!

I just found out today and wanted to share – Nothing is better than inspiring someone to be creative!

You can hardly tell which is the photograph!

cows DSCN0225


My Style: Bedrooms

Pau Home Style

In my free time, I LOVE looking at websites in search of amazing rooms. Interior Design makes me happy and fuzzy inside, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite bedrooms. Which one is your favorite?

Pau Home Style Pau Home Style

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 My girl Zaaday, wearing PAU / L.A.

zaade - pau luv

zaade - pau luv


Kids Books Gone Bad : Bob Staake





Flannel :  Alice and Olivia 

Sunglasses : Prism

Bag: PAU

photo copy photo photo copy 2