Zhang Lin Hai

Zhang Lin Hai

Check out one of my favorite painters Zhang Lin Hai – he kills it. Every piece is so brilliant and beautiful, it’s hard not to love his work.

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A Collection

I wish I had the names of all the artists but I don’t !  This is the beginning of a great collection..




Olaf Hajek  (my personal favorite)


Another favorite.. Xavier Lucchesi . Brilliant!

Ed Ruscha

Books can be art too


Love this- John Baldessari


Jean Michel Basquiat


Close up

Muhammad Ali  (photographer unknown)

Close up


Art collection of Jordan David Feldstein

<3 Pau

Quick Trip to New York

Last night I got home from a few days stay in New York– the second city I love most in the world- and actually wished I could have stayed longer. The weather was perfect. No humidity, a little breeze.. perfect

The MoMA was awesome as always . Got to see the work of Picasso, Dali, Monet… My favorite pieces that stuck out to me were those of the Quay Brothers. I have never even heard of them , yet they have been in the art world for quite some time. They have a similar feel as the Czech artist Jan Švankmajer, and Tim Burton mixed together. Their work is Creepy, and I say that with the utmost respect and admiration. I love creepy. Check out Street of Crocodiles on Youtube to watch their work. They even directed an animated sequence in the film Frida  (see video above)

Other great artists I saw:


Alberto Giacometti

George Grosz

Rene Magritte

Otto Dix

These artists are brilliant. Check them out online and see for yourself.



Another Favorite :  Xavier Lucchesi