Maheta’s Dirty Desert 30!

Ten of us girls headed out to Palm Springs to celebrate my very dear and long time friend Helena Tamargo. She’s my favorite little firecracker and is a sister to me, so I’m glad I was able to go!  Some of the girls I’ve known for years, others I’ve met only once or twice, and the rest I met for the first time. It was an interesting mix of fun, hard-working ladies who all had a common interest of letting loose for the weekend. Helena’s friend Melody brought us all the cutest goodie bags filled with face masks, aspirin in case of any hangover, makeup, snacks, face wipes, and anything else we would probably need for the few days we were there. The house was absolutely beautiful, big props to Helena for finding and booking it! It was decorated super retro style which gave us the ultimate Palm Springs vibe. We had the amazing Alyssa help serve us all the most incredible meals-deliciously displayed, good enough for the best restaurant in town (she’s a professional food stylist)! Dimirra brought her expensive camera and took some beautiful pictures. Christina, Helenas’s sister, had me laughing the entire trip and it was good to spend time with her too. Sasha did mushrooms for the first time so that alone is awesome. She had a very deep, positive experience that she’ll always remember!

Helena is my girl and always will be. LOVE YOU BOO! Thanks for the good times, always!

Where to next? 🙂

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Low Tide Aliens

This was a super fun day joining in with Low Tide Aliens! A family from Newport Beach started making sand mandalas or “crop circles” on the beach, and it’s become a hit with locals. More and more people are showing up- young, old, artists, non artists- it’s a great way to meet people and create cool art in a BIG way.
They use non-toxic sand ordered off the internet, and only know when their next meet up is by the moon. Once they know where the low tide will be, they send out an Instagram post with the time/place ( usually in the OC area like Newport or Huntington beaches) and get to work! It’s pretty easy with everyone’s help and the result is beautiful! Definitely check them out and don’t be shy if you want to join, they’re all very friendly and love the help!

Low Tide Aliens





Stillhouse whiskey threw an epic housewarming party for the Arsenic fam..and it was such a blast! I love that I was able to be a part of it creatively, designing 2 different art pieces for the event. They asked me if I could come up with ideas of what we could do, focusing on 2 whiskey quotes, on 2 separate walls. Check out the gallery below to see the finished pieces!