Hand-Painted Plant Pots by Pau!

During the quarantine, I’ve been feeling creative and trying new things. I love taking care of my plants and always looking for cute pots for them. That’s when I thought, why not paint my own? So far I’ve made Mountain Majesty pots in different colors, and a Spot Pot with funky colors. I’ll be posting… Continue Reading »

Purple Mountains Majesty

This past week I had the most fun project with one of my best friends! Jenny lives on the west side of LA and has a very boho, spiritual vibe going on in her home. She wanted to paint something cool in her bedroom but not have anything too busy. We thought about a few… Continue Reading »

Custom Ashtray Art by Pau

Order your own custom ashtray! Choose anything from a pet portrait, a family photo, a gift, your favorite kids cartoon or sports team..a scene from a movie, your kids, my logo..Whatever you want I can do! Take a look through my gallery of commissions below: